Aleem Griffiths, Studio X Section Supervisor

BIo photo of Aleem Griffiths
Hey, my name is Aleem Griffiths! I was born
and raised in The Bronx (NYC). When I came
to college I started djing under the name “Dr. Griffs”
I graduated from U of R with a DMS Degree in
2018. I am a fan of tech, music, and engaging
conversations! I look forward to getting
to know more about XR in
Studio X!

Richard Chuong, XR Specialist

Richard chuong sitting in park

Richard Chuong (’25) is an XR Specialist for Studio X. He majors in Computer Science and is from Oklahoma. He is currently involved as an organizer for U of R’s annual hackathon, Dandyhacks, and as a chair for the League of Legends Club. His interests revolve around innovating new ways to empower people and developing low-opportunity communities. In his free time, he enjoys playing intramural sports, trying to practice Spanish, and learning more about the science of cooking. He has the firm belief that Ratatouille is the greatest Pixar movie.

Tamuda Chimhanda, XR Specialist

Tamuda Smiling
Haochen, Studio X XR Specialist.

Tamuda is a Computer Science student from Zimbabwe. He is enthusiastic about AR and VR technology because of the potential it has to transform the way we interact with each other and the environment. During his free time, he likes to watch TV Shows and his favorites are Money Heist and Breaking Bad.

Sarah Chen, Marketing Assistant

Sarah smiling at camera

My name is Sarah and I am a 4th-year Digital Media Studies major and Studio Art minor at the University of Rochester in Upstate New York. In my interdisciplinary major, I have learned what it is like to bridge media history, theory, and practice into technology/production such as photography, graphic design, UI/UX design, film, computer science, and studio art. Besides my major, I consider myself to be an influencer and an includer. I love to take leadership opportunities whether that is through non-profits, volunteer, or clubs, and to be able to speak up and make sure others are heard and influence and transform the space I am in.