Fin Tran, XR Specialist

Hi, my name is Fin Tran and I’m a sophomore with intended double majors in Digital Media Studies, Business and a possible minor in Studio Art. I’m really passionate about visual storytelling through graphic design, digital photography, and filmmaking. Lately, I have urged myself to transition to 3D design platform and industrial design thanks to a semester at the University and got really interested in the Metaverse. I have always viewed extended reality and games as a new medium for me to try telling stories that affect the surrounding community in a more meaningful way. Off work, people will see me dancing (urban and k-pop), drawing, photo shooting, screenwriting, and filming.

Tamuda Chimhanda, XR Specialist

Tamuda is a Computer Science student from Zimbabwe. He is enthusiastic about AR and VR technology because of the potential it has to transform the way we interact with each other and the environment. During his free time, he likes to watch TV Shows and his favorites are Money Heist and Breaking Bad.