Beat Saber Competition

Studio X Beat Saber Competition.

Like dancing to fun music, light sabers, and virtual reality? We have the perfect competition for you! Compete against your peers, and if you dominate and have one of the top-three scores, you will win a trophy. If you are the ultimate, numero uno, top dog Beat Saberer, you will win a fancy portable, wireless, waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

But what’s Beat Saber, you say? Only the most popular VR game of all time! Beat Saber is a VR rhythm game in which you slash floating boxes as they fly toward you to the beat of the music with gigantic light sabers.

The Rules

  • Participants must be affiliated with the University of Rochester. Students, faculty, or staff are welcome to participate.
  • Participants must complete all three rounds to be eligible for prizes.
  • Participants must complete each round in Studio X.
  • Scores must be recorded by a Studio X staff member.
  • Participants will get three attempts for each of the three rounds.
  • Participants are not allowed to use score multipliers.
  • The songs will be chosen by Studio X staff.
  • Once you have your score, you will be added to our scoreboard.
  • At the end of rounds one and two, a selection of the lowest scoring participants will be eliminated. This depends on how many participants we have.
  • The first week will be a song on easy mode, the second week a song on normal mode, and the third week a song on hard mode. You will have to follow the difficulty levels, no matter your current skill level.

The Schedule

You have the entire week to come into Studio X and complete that week’s song.

  • Round 1 (easy) will be the week of November 15th.
  • Round 2 (normal) will be the week of November 29th.
  • Round 3 (hard) will be the week of December 6th.


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