Create a 3D Animal with Blender!

screenshot of 3D modeled cat in Blender
screenshot of 3D modeled cat in Blender

Cats, penguins, and frogs, oh my! Create your own virtual animal friend. Join Studio X, UR’s hub for immersive technologies, and learn more about the digital world of extended reality (XR). This 1.5 hour workshop focuses on asset creation with the 3-D modeling software, Blender. This open-source and free software has become the industry standard over the last couple of years. Learn how to navigate its workspace, tools, and hotkeys and become familiar with one of the most popular platforms of the industry. You will create a low-polygon model of an animal using provided reference images. Your model can then potentially be used as avatars in other XR projects or 3-D workspaces such as Unity. This is a beginner-focused workshop, but all levels are welcome!

Note: In order to participate, you will need to complete the following pre-workshop instructions. Depending on your computer and internet connection, this might take some time and cannot be completed during the workshop.

Need assistance with this process? Join us on the Studio X Discord.

Where: Virtually via Zoom
When: Thursday, February 18th from 6 to 7:30pm

Blender Pre-Workshop Instructions

1. Download and launch Blender from this link. Note: Depending on your internet connect, the Blender download may take some time.

2. Download and open this linked folder, “Blender Workshop.” Note: You will need to download the entire folder.

3. Extract the downloaded zipped folder.

4. Once Blender is installed, open Blender. Then open the file, “BWP_Source.blend” in Blender. 

5. Save the project and exit. 

6. If you have access to a mouse, please plan to use it. Blender is very challenging to use without a mouse. 

6. If you do not have a mouse, look at these instructions.

7. If you have a keyboard without a number pad on the right, watch this very short video.

keyboard without a number pad.