Dream University Challenge: Public Voting

promotional banner for the Dream University Challenge. There is a design on the left of a person reclining on a half moon and looking into the sky. The person is wearing headphones, and there is a sketch of Rush Rhees Library in the background. On the right at the top are the Studio X, River Campus Libraries, and iZone wordmarks. Underneath is the text, "Dream University Challenge. Submit your space for a chance to win a prize."

Please join us in celebrating the work of the teams who participated in the Dream University Challenge. Click on their posts below to read more about their projects, explore their creations in Mozilla Hubs, and then vote on the four categories listed below.

Team Submissions

UR Haven

  • Miguel Yakouma
  • Koshala Mathuranayagam
  • Joey Chan
  • Sophea Urbi Biswas

Dream Rush Rhees

  • Siladitya Khan
  • Carolina Lion He
  • Sydney Santiago
  • Debamitra Chakraborty

Navigating Hubs

Some tips and tricks for exploring the virtual worlds created by the Dream University Challenge teams.


Vote for your favorite room in the following categories:

  • Most Creative Concept: Acknowledges the strength of a concept, even if it wasn’t fully realized in the model. See descriptions for UR Haven and Dream Rush Rhees.
  • Most Desirable Campus Space: What space would you like to see on campus?
  • Most Out of the Box: Encourages crazy big bold ideas.
  • Most Likely to Facilitate Connections: Highlights the project that is most successful in thinking through how we connect and creating a practical virtual environment.