Liam O’Leary, XR Developer

Liam O'Leary, Studio X XR Specialist.
Liam O'Leary, Studio X XR Specialist.

Liam O’Leary (’23) is a Karp Library Fellow for Studio X. He majors in Digital Media Studies and is passionate about XR technologies and the future of virtual design. In his spare time, he develops VR games in Unity and loves to draw.

Waleed Nadeem, Brand Ambassador

Waleed Nadeem, Studio X, XR Specialist.
Waleed Nadeem, Studio X, XR Specialist.

Waleed is a Junior (’23) is a Karp Library Fellow for Studio X. He majors in Business Information Systems and Digital Media Studies. He is the President of the Digital Media Studies Advisory Board (MEDIA) and the Technical Lead for the Google Developer Students Club. He is really passionate about digital literacy and access to emerging technologies for everyone. In his free time, he likes to play video games, learn about new technologies, watch FC Barcelona matches, and explore Rochester. He is currently waiting for the release of Age of Empires 4.

Koshala Mathuranayagam, Marketing Lead

Koshala, Studio X, XR Specialist.
Koshala, Studio X, XR Specialist.

Koshala (’23) is the Marketing Lead for Studio X. She is majors in Digital Media Studies. Previously, she was a biomedical engineering major for two years, was involved with research at the Haptics Lab, and was a member of Society of Women Engineers. She was born in Sri Lanka and grew up in New York. In her free time, she enjoys reading, eating ramen, and hanging out with her friends. 

Sebastian Jakymiw, XR Developer

bio photo of Sebastian Jakymiw.

Sebastian Jakymiw ’21 is an undergraduate student at the University of Rochester pursuing a degree in math. He is an Immersive Technologies Developer through the Karp Library Fellowship and is working on developing workshops and software for Studio X.

Meaghan Moody, Assistant Director

profile photo
profile photo

Meaghan Moody is the Assistant Director for Studio X and part of the Digital Scholarship team. Previously, she was the Immersive Technologies Librarian. Before joining UR, she was the Teaching & Learning Librarian at the University of Pennsylvania Libraries. She holds an MLIS from Rutgers School of Communication and Information and a BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Kansas.

Contact: mmoody [at]

Voices of XR: A Studio X Speaker Series – Hyphen-Labs

Ece Tankal and Carmen Aguilar y Wedge. They are wearing fun glasses and holding a plastic flamingo and watermelon.
banner for XR speaker series entitled Voices of XR. On the left, an illustration of a person in a headset reaching with neon geometric squares in the background. On the right is text that reads: "Voices of XR: A Studio X Speaker Series." Underneath, is the Studio X and River Campus Libraries wordmarks.

Join Studio X at the River Campus Libraries in conversation with invited scholars, artists, professionals, and more, who will discuss their work with immersive technologies across disciplines and industries. These events are free and open to all members of the campus community and the general public.

Ece Tankal and Carmen Aguilar y Wedge. They are wearing fun glasses and holding a plastic flamingo and watermelon.

Ece Tankal and Carmen Aguilar y Wedge, cofounders of Hyphen-Labs, will discuss several projects that examine the concept of immersion and blending the digital and physical worlds. Hyphen Labs is an award-winning international collective of women with a base in London, UK. Their projects oscillate between technology, design, science, and futurism to challenge conventions and stimulate conversations. Drawing from their diverse perspectives and expertise – ranging from engineering to game design and architecture, they cultivate a resolutely global and multidisciplinary approach to explore a future built on planetary-centered design, placing collective needs and experiences at the center of perpetually evolving narratives.

Recording of Event

Where: Virtually via Zoom
When: Wednesday, October 21 from noon to 1pm

Digital Projects & Platforms Series: XR Workshop

screenshot of a zoom meeting with several participants

Five thematic workshops included a showcase of assignments, potential tools, and exercises designed to help faculty think about how they might incorporate similar approaches in their classes. The series culminated in a 2-day workshop held in June 2020 where faculty worked with staff from River Campus Libraries to design and test an assignment for implementation in a future course.

Check out the XR session here, which includes the workshop slides, the recorded introduction, two UR faculty presentations, and many resources!

Hunt-Lenox Globe in 3D

zoomed in etching of a ship with a person at the front

This post was originally published on the Digital Scholarship Lab’s website.

Hunt-Lenox Globe
A photo of the Hunt-Lenox globe.

The Digital Scholarship Lab collaborated with the Lazarus Project to produce a 3D model of the New York Public Library’s Hunt-Lenox Globe, which dates from ca. 1510. Considering the size of the globe–it is only 5 inches in diameter–the 3D model not only facilitates access to the historic object but it also allows viewers to explore details of the globe otherwise hidden by its size and the bronze armillary sphere that contains it.

The Lazarus Project has recently imaged the Globus Jagellonicus from the Jagiellonian University Museum in Krakow, of which the DSL has also produced a 3D model, and is planning to image the Erdapfel from the Germanic Museum in Nuremberg. Ultimately this will result in 3D representations of all three of the world’s oldest known terrestrial globes.

Expanding capacity for 3D representations of cultural heritage objects

As a means of providing access to these artifacts, the DSL is expanding upon the 3D viewer originally built for the Ward Project to add features such as VR capability and annotations. The goal is to produce a presentation platform designed for 3D representations of cultural heritage objects that allows for virtual “guided exhibits” of the objects as well as independent exploration. The expanding toolset is designed to provide domain experts with the ability to uncover surface information about an object and disseminate their findings to a wider audience.

A rendering of the Hunt-Lenox globe in the DSL's 3D viewer.
A rendering of the Hunt-Lenox globe in the DSL’s 3D viewer.

Features of the 3D Viewer

Selections of the Hunt-Lenox Globe in the DSL’s 3D Viewer

Detailed view of the globe highlighting text that reads, "Here are dragons."
“hic sunt dracones” (here are dragons)

Dynamic lighting tools to highlight areas on the object

Tools of 3D reviewer that highlights an etched fish

Analyzing tools help viewers explore textures. Can you find the shipwreck?

Lighting options on the 3D viewer reveal details not readily apparent on the original.

Applying the 3D viewer's lighting tools to highlight details on the globe

Samuel Henderson, XR Specialist

Samuel Henderson, XR Specialist standing in front of some foliage.
Samuel Henderson, XR Specialist standing in front of some foliage.

Samuel is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science who enjoys creating apps and games using Unity Engine. He is an international student from Zimbabwe. His hobbies include playing chess, fishing, hiking, playing video games, and he makes a delicious naan bread.

Muhammed El-Sayed, XR Developer

Muhammed El-Sayed (’23) is a Karp Library Fellow alum and XR Developer for Studio X. He is a current E5 undergraduate student from Egypt. After working with a team to develop a 2D historical game based on the settlement of Bermuda by the British, he has picked up developing in the Unity Engine in his free time, participating in GameJams and his own personal projects such as web and app development.