Voices of XR: A Studio X Speaker Series – Hyphen-Labs

banner for XR speaker series entitled Voices of XR. On the left, an illustration of a person in a headset reaching with neon geometric squares in the background. On the right is text that reads: "Voices of XR: A Studio X Speaker Series." Underneath, is the Studio X and River Campus Libraries wordmarks.

Join Studio X at the River Campus Libraries in conversation with invited scholars, artists, professionals, and more, who will discuss their work with immersive technologies across disciplines and industries. These events are free and open to all members of the campus community and the general public.

Ece Tankal and Carmen Aguilar y Wedge. They are wearing fun glasses and holding a plastic flamingo and watermelon.

Ece Tankal and Carmen Aguilar y Wedge, cofounders of Hyphen-Labs, will discuss several projects that examine the concept of immersion and blending the digital and physical worlds. Hyphen Labs is an award-winning international collective of women with a base in London, UK. Their projects oscillate between technology, design, science, and futurism to challenge conventions and stimulate conversations. Drawing from their diverse perspectives and expertise – ranging from engineering to game design and architecture, they cultivate a resolutely global and multidisciplinary approach to explore a future built on planetary-centered design, placing collective needs and experiences at the center of perpetually evolving narratives.

Recording of Event

Where: Virtually via Zoom
When: Wednesday, October 21 from noon to 1pm
Register: bit.ly/XRVoices