Voices of XR: Damien McDuffie

Black Terminus AR

speaker Damien McDuffie.

Damien is a creative technologist, digital archivist, and augmented reality (AR) artist and developer. He is the founder of Black Terminus AR, a camera app and no-code AR art studio in your pocket that helps bring archives to life. He aims to make AR easy for artists, brands, and museums. Black Terminus AR allows user to view and create 2D and 3D AR projects using just a phone or tablet. Its drag and drop interface empowers users to create AR content without learning a ton of code or buying a bunch of gadgets. It saves artists and curation teams time and money. Damien is also the co-founder of Wine & Bowties, a digital agency that connects world-class brands with underrepresented creatives to help develop campaigns, curate experiences, produce cultural content, and showcase artifacts. He enjoys creating culture, producing live experiences, and crafting stories for brands.

He is currently a fellow in Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Black Public Media’s visiting artists program.

Where: Zoom
When: Wednesday, 3/15/23 from 10:25 to 11:40am EDT
Register: bit.ly/VoicesXRDamienMcDuffie


The Voices of XR speaker series is made possible by Kathy McMorran Murray and the National Science Foundation (NSF) Research Traineeship (NRT) program as part of the Interdisciplinary Graduate Training in the Science, Technology, and Applications of Augmented and Virtual Reality at the University of Rochester (#1922591).

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Voices of XR is a Studio X speaker series. Speakers are scholars, artists, and extended reality professionals who discuss their work with immersive technologies across disciplines and industries. All talks are free and open to the general public.