Voices of XR: Kavya Pearlman

Who Owns Our (Virtual) Identities?: XR, Data, Privacy, & Safety

speaker Kavya Pearlman.

Well known as the “Cyber Guardian,” founder & CEO of the XR Safety Initiative (XRSI), Kavya Pearlman is an award-winning cybersecurity professional with a deep interest in immersive and emerging technologies. Kavya is a pioneer of the novel XRSI Privacy Framework for the Immersive Technologies and Spatial Computing Domain, security awareness in the metaverse, and various baseline security and privacy standards for XR. She has been named one of the top cybersecurity influencers for three consecutive years, 2018-2019-2020, by IFSEC Global. 

Kavya has previously advised Facebook on third-party security risks during the 2016 US presidential elections and worked as the head of security for the oldest virtual world, “Second Life” by Linden Lab. Kavya is the leading voice in cybersecurity, privacy, and ethics for emerging technologies including AR, VR, XR, exploring cross-sections of 5G, AI, and BCI – leading standards development and promoting diversity and inclusion in the immersive technologies.  Kavya is one of the Top 50 speakers in the cybersecurity industry and constantly shares knowledge via webinars, conference talks, and blog posts around application security, cloud-native technologies, machine learning, and the global challenges that come along with the next iteration of the internet, the metaverse and web 3.0. 

Kavya has founded The CyberXR Coalition that now focuses on diversity and inclusion and the cross-section of cybersecurity and XR, helped launch a trustworthy XR news platform, ReadyHackerOne, established a Medical XR Advisory Council and Metaverse Reality Check (The MRC).

The Voices of XR speaker series  is made possible by Kathy McMorran Murray and the National Science Foundation (NSF) Research Traineeship (NRT) program as part of the Interdisciplinary Graduate Training in the Science, Technology, and Applications of Augmented and Virtual Reality at the University of Rochester (#1922591).

Where: Studio X & Zoom
When: Friday, March 18th from 1 to 2pm EST
Register: bit.ly/VoXRKavyaPearlman

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