Voices of XR: Lieutenant Colonel Stephanie Raffo

Innovation and Emerging Technologies at Space Force

speaker lieutenant colonel Stephanie Raffo standing in front of an American flag.

Lieutenant Colonel Stephanie I. Raffo is currently the Director of Innovation at the Headquarters Space Operations Command, Peterson Space Force Base, Colorado. Colonel Raffo leads the Innovation Directorate, delivering software and hardware solutions for Space Force operational missions and fostering the innovative culture across the Command. Prior to her current assignment, Colonel Raffo led a 6-member team as an Operations Officers in technical analysis and development of weapon systems and authored well over 100 technical reports at the Munitions Directorate, Eglin Air Force Base, FL. She fostered vital inter- and intra-base agency cooperation for munitions research and development. At Schriever Air Force Base, Colonel Raffo led a fourteen-satellite constellation valued at over $3.5 billion in support of 200,000 users. She transformed the SATCOM tactics process, eliminated wing operations redundancies, and led the group’s 38-member division through Air Force Space Command’s largest evaluation program. Additionally, Colonel Raffo challenged 234 cadet candidates in academics and the military profession at the USAF Academy. She was an instrumental coach on leadership and character lessons for over 1,000 cadets. Moreover, Colonel Raffo was an Air University Fellow stimulating the professional growth and development of 98 captains, defense civilians and international officers through the Air Force’s $22.8M resident company grade officer course. Finally, Colonel Raffo led the Commander’s Action Group and the Executive Staff for the Air Reserve Personnel Center Commander, ensuring force support to 1.3 million Air Force active duty, reserve, and guard personnel world-wide.

Where: Zoom
When: Wednesday, 3/22/23 from 10:25 to 11:40am EDT
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