Ain Center Collaboration: Build Your Entrepreneurial Foundation Block-by-Block: Introduction to AR/VR

promotional image for ain center collaboration. Shows a person in a VR headset.

Join the Ain Center for our new workshop series, Build Your Entrepreneurial Foundation Block-by-Block! These workshops are designed to help student innovators and entrepreneurs learn more about special tools, resources, approaches, and concepts that could help them with their projects and career paths.

Our second edition of the Block-by-Block series is in partnership with Studio X. This workshop will help innovators learn about how they can use XR technologies to implement their ideas. Come and explore the opportunities with XR technologies!

Contact the Ain Center if you have any questions!

Instructors: Waleed Nadeem & Liam O’Leary
Where: Studio X, Carlson Library First Floor
When: Wednesday, October 26th from 6:30 to 8pm