Microsoft HoloLens 2

HoloLens 2 is an untethered, mixed reality headset created by Microsoft. 

HoloLens2 mixed reality headset.

Patrons may reserve these headsets for use within Studio X. This equipment is intended for XR development work. Patrons must provide a reason for using this equipment as well as attend a short training session with Studio X staff.

Reservation & Usage Policies

Making Reservations
  • Borrowers may check out headsets for use within Studio X for up to four hours if available.
  • Hourly equipment must remain in Studio X.
  • Last call for equipment is 30 minutes prior to Studio X’s closing.
  • Reservations that are not picked up on time (~two hours) will be made available to other patrons.
  • Requests for more than two items of the same kind require approval from a Studio X staff member.
  • No more than three items may be checked out to one person at the same time.
  • Patrons are limited to booking equipment up to nine days a month.
  • Equipment may be booked up to 21 days in advance.
  • Equipment is available to currently enrolled UR students, faculty, and staff. Priority is given to borrowers using the equipment for course purposes.
  • Studio X does not provide disposable accessories such as batteries.
  • Renewing Reservations
    • Renewals are not automatic. You must check with Studio X staff to extend reservations.
    • Hourly equipment may be renewed for up to an additional four hours or until closing time (if available).
  • Picking Up Equipment:
    • A valid UR ID is required to check out equipment and must be presented at time of checkout.
    • Equipment must be picked up by the individual who made the reservation.
  • Returning Equipment
    • Equipment must be returned directly to Studio X.
  • Please do not attempt to sanitize equipment. Borrowers may inadvertently damage the equipment. Studio X staff will sanitize the equipment following this process before its next use.
Late Fees & Fines
  • $5.00/per hour until $25.00
  • After one day, the equipment is considered to be lost, and the replacement cost (item cost) is charged to the borrower’s account. Upon return, the replacement cost will be waived.
  • Fines and fees may be paid at the Carlson Q&i Desk using a credit card. Cash and checks are not accepted. Unpaid bills will be reported to the Bursar or other appropriate authority.
  • When fines accrue to $100, patrons will be unable to reserve equipment until the fines are resolved.
Loss & Damages
  • If the equipment is lost, damaged, or stolen, the borrower is required to pay its replacement cost.
  • All pieces of the equipment must be returned and in the same condition as in which they were lent. Please check the equipment tag for full list.
Health & Safety
  • Prior to each reservation, Studio X sanitizes its equipment using a combination of UVC light technologynanotechnology spray, and alcohol-based sanitizers. Read more about this process here.
  • If you are experiencing any symptoms of a cold, like a sore throat, coughing, or sinus issues, please do not use the equipment.
  • Wash your hands or use an alcohol-based disinfectant. Let your hands dry completely before using the equipment.
HoloLens 2 Technical Specifications

Read about HoloLens technical specifications here.

Documentation & Tutorials